Erecting / Folding of jumping castles

We have decided to include this page of basic instructions for setting up and packing away a small inflatable due to many requests from our customers

Erecting an inflatable

  1. First locate the smoothest most level place in the  garden or the area where the inflatable is to be erected.  An inflatable can be erected on bumpy ground but obviously the flatter the ground the better.
    If it is going on a rough, dry, abrasive piece of land or concrete a groundsheet must be placed under the unit.
  2. To prevent any possible damage to the inflatable, always walk over the area first to check and remove any large stones, sticks or other items you may find including dog's muck.
  3. Remove the bag and unroll and unfold the inflatable.
  4. Position as required, avoiding objects close to the castle that may pose a danger.  Spread out each side as much as they will. Do not drag the inflatable over an abrasive surface as this will cause severe damage to the inflatable.
  5. Connect the blower to the inlet tube of the inflatable and secure in place with the Velcro® strap.
  6. Close any deflation zips that are generally located on the bottom surface of the inflatable.
  7. Fully unroll extension cable (to prevent the cable from overheating). Cover the extension cable housing with a bin bag liner or similar to prevent rainwater or inquisitive fingers getting in. Try to ensure that the extension cable is fed through a window or sliding door as a normal door will damage the cable if it closes on it.
  8. Electrical cables should be laid such as not to pose a hazard of tripping over- out of Children's way. They should also be fully protected from damage of water.
  9. Plug blower cable into extension socket. Switch on blower and allow inflatable to inflate.  It takes approx 2 minutes to inflate and please ensure there are no children on the castle whilst it inflates. The blower MUST remain running continuously whilst the jumping castle is in use.
  10. Keep Children away from the blower and the electricity supply
  11. If used outdoors the unit must be anchored down using the anchor points located around the base.  Please ensure the stakes are well into the ground so as not to create a hazard to Children.

Packing away an inflatable

  1. Make sure the inflatable is completely empty of all Children and any debris.
  2. Switch off the electrical supply and disconnect the blower.
  3. Open all deflation zips.
  4. Allow the inflatable to completely deflate
  5. Straighten the base. Fold walls in neatly towards centre.
  6. Fold into thirds lengthwise.
  7. Roll the unit slowly and as tightly as possible towards the outlet zip, forcing the air out.
  8. Place the bag over the rolled-up unit and roll the the inflatable into the bag.
  9. Secure the bag with the fastening rope or belts.
  10. If the inflatable is wet when packed away, please ensure that as soon as possible it is erected and allowed to dry properly, On no account must it be stored wet for any length of time.